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Half time based on that would rather watch #readingfc than Real Madrid more devoid of ideas than we are and given the players they have scandalous - Liverpool could regret not making dominance pay
Tweeted 3 minutes ago by davemc_exile
Aluko wishing he hadn’t left Fulham. Most #readingfc also wishing he hadn’t left Fulham.
Tweeted 4 minutes ago by jonathan_lara
Well done #Fulham deserved win especially with the season you had Unlucky #Villa but you are a big club with vast experience you’ll get you chances again next season no doubt about that (just don’t do a #readingfc and be atrocious next season)
Tweeted 6 minutes ago by davidsfor2017
I just love to read... #writerslife #authorconfession #amreading #bookworm #booksaremagic #books #readingfc
Tweeted 23 minutes ago by BooksTransire
Liam Moore finding out Brighton have made a bid for him #readingfc
Tweeted 44 minutes ago by TFS_Reading
Just to make it worse for #readingfc. We were above Fulham in 4th December....
Tweeted 58 minutes ago by rhmd1985
Grabban has suffered heartbreak in back to back playoff finals. That’s what you get when you glory hunt. #readingfc #safc
Tweeted an hour ago by readingfcedward
@sonealuko I bet you're gutted... #PlayOffFinal #ReadingFC
Tweeted an hour ago by HamlinBoi
Good riddance Fulham, until 2019/20 #AVFC #ffc #PlayOffFinal #EFLPlayOffs #readingfc
Tweeted an hour ago by BlueWhiteRoyal
@TomJCrocker Let’s hope our shambles of a squad are watching this and can see what can be achieved #Readingfc
Tweeted an hour ago by JinKhangura

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